Champagne Deutz, the famous Champagne house in Aÿ, play again in champagne to the demands of enthusiasts. After the first Methuselah (equivalent to 8 standard bottles or 6 liters) in 1999 Amour de Deutz cuvee saw the light after 2000 vintage now the turn of the third masterpiece: Amour de Deutz cuvee 2002.
Amour de Deutz, the name alone shows you love this Champagne. And is simply a beautiful vintage 2002 vintage Blanc de Blancs. Deutz takes some time since the stunning Amour de Deutz "Methuselah 6 liters bottle limited collection" from.
Each bottle is presented in a stunning gift box created by an artist, a designer or a craftsman. The production is a vintage numbered and limited to 365 bottles (366 bottles leap year).

The inspiration for the name "Amour de Deutz" and the logo on the bottle comes from the small Cupid statue in the courtyard of the house champagne. The statue was created by artist Louis Marie Alexandre bottée Deutz, the daughter of the founder of Champagne Deutz. It is a homage to the history of the house.
The 2002 vintage is very charming. Both the appearance of the wine in the elegant expression as in the aromatic flavors that complement each other without dominating.
If you look at the wine, your eyes are literally trapped by the appearance of an attractive, clear sparkling golden bronze look with subtle flare.
On the surface, add the delicate bubbles elegantly together in a consistent, tasty mousse.

There are 8 years passed since the harvest in 2002, but this sleeping giant in the graceful bottle has retained her temperament. The aromatic symphony is delicate, subtle and tease the senses. Each note is ready to dance on the palate. The love anthem is already there, dizzying, intoxicating and ready for a triumph of taste.

In the mouth, the sunshine of 2002 forward again. The prologue of a vintage that is both youthful and promising as they are still in the springtime of her life there, as evidenced by the notes of cherries ripened in the Sun The flavors follow each other harmoniously in a bold, persistent way to end in an explosion of expressive tones of the Chardonnay. This champagne, although excellent as an aperitif, is a willing companion of a variety of pure, delicate dishes: sushi, carpaccio of tuna and Kobe beef, not to mention unbeatable lobster and caviar that the appeal of this leading champagne even further.

The success of Champagne Deutz

Deutz's goal is always to make a similar style of champagne. Champagne Deutz therefore creates a constant blend and is therefore in every Champagne Deutz unmistakable. The house aims to taste the champagne as close as possible to keep the fruit. The production is now almost 2 million bottles per year. Of this 80% Brut Classic. According to Mr. Rosset, this non-vintage champagne is essential. To the Cuvée William Deutz blending it is checked whether there is sufficient quality wine on the Brut Classic to, if not then there are fewer of those Cuvee William Deutz made and the wine goes in Brut Classic. Deutz Brut Classic This is one of the few non-vintage champagnes with an exceptionally high quality, year after year.

Particularly according to Mr. Rosset is that in several Deutz Champagne, Cuvee William Deutz including, substantial use of the Pinot Meunier grape, described by some as less noble. However, this grape makes for flexibility in the wine and brings the other two varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in harmony. Deutz also makes use of maceration for her pink and adding red wine of their own Pinot Noir grapes. This is perfectly legal, but also this is that a number of companies remains silent. Deutz also believe that the quality benefits and said that therefore clear. These are factors that contribute to the continued success of the Champagne Deutz.
Deutz, the facts
Champagne Deutz, founded in 1838 is one of the six founders of the famous Syndicat des Grandes Marques (1883). Despite tough times like the first and second world war and the infamous 1911 riots winemakers know the different generations to keep their heads above water. In 1993, the position of Champagne Deutz Champagne Louis Roederer strengthened because the majority of shares in Deutz takes over. In 1996, Fabrice Rosset to be appointed chairman and CEO of Deutz.

Cuvee William Deutz Brut addition (50,000 bottles) are two prestige Cuvées made. The Cuvée William Deutz Rosé (10,000 bottles) and Amour de Deutz (35,000 bottles).
Deutz Champagne vintage since 2004 makes use of a uniquely shaped bottle and the same for all the champagne, a bottle that was used for many years the Prestige Cuvées. The bottle is exclusive to the Champagne Deutz.